Consulting advice and Market Research on Product Development - we can provide you with a full business case for any new information based product, costed out under various scenarios allowing you to decide how much risk to take. Our experience in innovating means that you'll be given different strategic options which you can compare and contrast against your company priorities

Project and List management - sometimes a list isn't big enough for a full time commissioning/acquisitions editor - we can grow it until it is; sometimes an editor is away, ill or taking a break and you don't want the list to lose momentum - we will 'list sit' until you are ready to have it back ; some projects keep slipping, we can give the individual attention that halts this. Use us for managing your refereeing workflow, your permissions requests in fact any type of editorial support - no job too small or big

Facilitation Services - some projects don't ever seem to get started, we can get you going with kick off meetings and project plans, using our strengths in facilitation to gain clarity of purpose and buy in from all parties

Training - product development, facilitation, business case writing skills are taught through courses, workshops and seminars tailored to you organisational needs

Information and Publishing Audit - we can advise you what to do with your information, should you self publish or partner with others? Should you give things for free or charge ? How will you fund your publishing ? What are realistic aims given your budget and time constraints

Strategic Consulting - with our wide experience and energetic approach we can work with you to develop a winning strategy for your engagement in a specific field. This won't be like working with any average consulting firm, you'll be getting original thinking and powerful, driven solutions that will make sense to you. you will receive implementation plans that can be followed and not just filed


Enthusiasm for your projects
Invested in developing long term relationships with clients

Clear communication and reporting style that you can adapt for your organisations needs
No compromise on quality for speedy results

No conflicts of interest between clients
Complete confidentiality
Commercial focus 

About Nicki

Nicki Dennis


Nicki is an accomplished senior Consultant and Publisher, Trainer and Business development professional with over 30 years’ experience of leading information product and market development, managing staff and the development of best practice products across a variety of Academic, STM and professional publishing areas.  She works with a variety of colleagues to deliver real value to her clients.

Nicki has been located in Eastern Canada since 2007. She has worked with or for the following organisations - Academic Press, The Institute of Measurement and Control, Chapman and Hall, Edward Arnold, Hodder Headline, The Institute of Physics, The British Standards Institute, The Canadian Standards Association, The IET,  CUP,  Earthscan, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, The Publishers Research Consortium, The Royal Society of Chemistry, CABI, CSIRO, River Publishers and Morgan & Claypool.